Bridal Trial FAQS

Before attending your appointment with us, please take a moment and read through our FAQ section to answer any questions you may have and to familiarize yourself with our practices.

Bridal Trial FAQs

  • 1. What is the process is securing bridal makeup and hair services from Jaime Rampersad Makeup Artistry? Here are the steps:
    a. Contact us with details of your wedding: date, time, venue and number of individuals requiring our services. We will then provide a customized proposal based on your individual needs for your wedding.
    b. After reviewing our proposal, if you are interested in our services, a trial makeup appointment is made. This trial is a NO OBLIGATION trial, which means at the end of it you do not have to book me right away for your bridal makeup but you have a chance to think about it.
    c. If you do decide to book us for your wedding, you must make a non-refundable deposit and sign the bridal contract.

  • 2. Are bridals trials mandatory?
    Yes, a bridal trial allows us to iron out any details beforehand that may pose scheduling issues on the day of the wedding by doing an actual makeup application and seeing what works and what doesnít. This allows us to be on schedule on your wedding day.

  • 3. How far in advance should I book my bridal trial?
    During bridal season (May-August) bookings should be made 3-4 months in advance, otherwise 1-2 months is acceptable.

  • 4. How long does a bridal makeup and hair trial take?
    It is usually a 2-3 hour appointment.

  • 5. What should I bring to my bridal trial?
    a. Any pictures of makeup and hair ideas you like and even dislike.
    b. Your veil or duputa
    c. Your outfit (if itís an Indian or Muslim wedding)

  • 6. What should I wear to my trial?
    You should wear a top similar in color to your bridal outfit thatís preferably button down, spaghetti strap or strapless. This will allow us to see how light will reflect on your face on your wedding day for your photographs.

  • 7. Can someone accompany me to my trial?
    Due to limited seating available at the studio, we advise brides-to-be to come alone if possible. This gives us the added benefit of getting to know you on a one on one basis.

  • 8. Do you do more than one look at the trial?
    Most times we get it just right and first time but we will do minor
    alterations to the makeup look if required.

  • 9. Is a hair trial done?
    Hair trials are basically consultation where the hair will be loosely pinned up but no hair spray and other hair products will be used. The hair trial is done to give a general idea. If a full hairstyle is requested we can do this at an additional cost.

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