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by Jaime Rampersad Makeup Artistry on 2017-11-04

Have you realized in recent times it seems like everyone is calling themselves a professional makeup artist? Well I have, and it got me thinking…….
How do we know if the makeup artist we are choosing is a real professional?
A few days ago, I had the pleasure of doing makeup for a young lady so she could RETAKE her graduation photos with her family. Why retake the photos you ask???.....Well here’s her story.. Her graduation ceremony was coming up and she wanted to look and feel exceptional for her special day. After all, she had worked extremely hard to get her doctorate. She first booked with a makeup artist who cancelled the day before her big event. She then booked with another artist. At her appointment, to her horror, the makeup artist proceeded to insult her about her pores and started doing her makeup without even asking her what she wanted. Needless to say, she told me she left there feeling deflated and in tears. A few days later, she came to me to do her makeup so she could re-take her photos with her gown and her family. She was totally pleased with her makeup and left my place feeling beautiful and confident.
So how can you avoid a similar situation? Here’s a few telltale signs that your perspective makeup artist is not a professional.
When choosing a makeup artist, research is key. In today’s world, every business should have a website and I’m NOT talking about a Facebook page!!! If a makeup artist doesn’t have a dedicated website it shows a lack of professionalism right away. It indicates they may be running their business more like a hobby than a bonafide business. By international standards, makeup artists must have a website to be taken seriously.
Nowadays, social media is huge and most makeup artists use various platforms like Facebook and Instagram to promote their work but if you visit a person’s makeup page and all the photos are of themselves in beautiful makeup then be very aware. This says, “hey, look at me, I can do my own makeup very well”, what it DOESN’T say is that I can do some else’s makeup just as good. A true professional should have pictures of makeup done on other faces besides their own.
Don’t be fooled by overly retouched photos. Makeup artists shouldn’t mask their true abilities with the use of extreme filters and Photoshop. If their photos are blurred out, like when the nose is so blurred out its non-existent then know that those photos are not a true representation of that artist’s ability.
There are different types of makeup you can do. For example, bridal, makeup for photography, makeup for television, special effects makeup and so on, and each of them are different in their methods and approaches and these should all be adequately represented on their website and social media platforms. If someone advertises themselves as a bridal artist, be sure that you see photos of their bridal work before hiring them to do your bridal makeup.
If when asked, your makeup artist is vague about his/ her qualifications…!!!! There should be full disclosure about this. Professionals DO NOT hide their qualifications.
Another way you can tell if a person is professional is to search for reviews about their services. A lack of reviews is a red flag. Now a makeup artist doesn’t have to have tons of reviews but a few is sufficient. Reviews simply show other clients’ recommendations or lack of it.
Finally, if you speak with a makeup artist and they ask that you to bring your own makeup know that this is not a professional by any stretch of the imagination. Unless you have a skin condition that forces you to use a specific makeup at all times, your makeup artist should have everything you require.
So, the next time you have that special event where you need to look exceptional, follow the signs to help you find a professional and not fall victim to the so-called professionals out there. Hope this article will help you in your search for a makeup artist.

8 Ways to Stay Flawless this Carnival
by Jaime Rampersad Makeup Artistry on 2017-02-14

With Carnival Season in full swing, we all want our makeup to look flawless at fetes and on “the road.” But how best do we withstand the humidity, rain drizzle and perspiration that are “unwanted company,” so we can stay looking fresh and beautiful?

One top solution is choosing air brush makeup over conventional makeup. The difference between air brush makeup and conventional is in the application method and type of makeup. Air brush makeup is applied to the skin using an airbrush gun and compressor and literally only a few drops of airbrush makeup can do an entire face and neck. This technique works wonders to evenly disperse the liquid makeup onto your face using a light mist, rather than a “heavy hand.”

Here’s why airbrush make-up should be a must-have for your Carnival looks:

1 In case you’re wondering whether this lovely makeup “kiss” to your skin lasts? Here’s the good news – airbrush makeup lasts an astounding 18 hours on average! As opposed to conventional makeup, which usually lasts about 8-10 hours. So, even if the weather might be having an off-day - all is well in your world, with airbrush makeup.

2 Aah Carnival… the time when you re-connect with so many friends you haven’t seen in a while or simply choose to stick with your squad. Either way, be comforted that no matter how many friends you hug and kiss when you meet them ‘on the road’ or at a fete; your airbrush makeup will still be smudge-proof and sweat-proof. That’s right – patting your sweat away will not affect your airbrush makeup at all.

3 It’s anti-app! What do we mean? Airbrush makeup is so lightweight that it photographs like a dream. No need to use an app for your “selfies” to create an airbrushed look – you’ll have it already.

4 Travel lightly and ditch that compact! The only touch-up tool you’ll need to PAT your face are oil absorbent sheets.

5 It’s ideal for those of us who need maximum coverage (without being mask-like!) because of acne or scarring.

6 It’s surprisingly easy to master a “skin-like” finish with airbrush make up, whether you have oily, dry or combination skin. Airbrush makeup stays matte, yet won’t dry out your skin.

7 If you dislike the feel of makeup on your face, trust me, you can’t feel airbrush makeup. It’s so light weight that you won’t even be aware that it’s there.

8 Looking for a waterproof look for “wet fetes” or in the event of rain? Airbrush makeup is your top choice.

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