Additional Services

Event Makeup

Whether it is airbrush or traditional makeup, we will make your look complete. From a natural daytime look to a full transformation, we can do it. Just ask.

Photo Shoot Services

Professional photography services are offered at our Champ Fleurs Trinidad studio. Photo shoots include headshots and glamour shots. Contact us and we will work with you on your needs.

Makeup for Photography

We have worked on numerous shoots for print and different types of media and our makeup services can be performed on location or at our studio. Enquire about our rates.

Carnival Makeup

Let your makeup look as pretty as your costume and last all day too!!! Your makeup can really take a beating in the hot sun of Carnival Monday and Tuesday but we use professional, tried and proven techniques to help your makeup stay all day. It will be one less thing you have to worry about.

Hair Styling Services

A makeup look is not complete if the hairstyle is not equally good. Your hairstyle must match your makeup style so let us handle it all to produce one cohesive, impressive look.

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